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Back from Photoshop World
March 30, 2010, 3:11 pm
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This year’s Photoshop World was the best yet.  Each year NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals), the people who produce Photoshop World, come up with a theme for the conference and each year they outdo themselves.  This year was a KISS theme and as you can see from the keynote video, they didn’t disappoint.

A funny story about my keynote experience…I was staying at the Rosen Centre – across the street from the conference center but about a mile from the concourse where PSW was held.  I knew from previous conferences here that comfortable shoes are essential so I packed accordingly – a pair of versatile black dress sandals that are especially comfortable for lots of walking.  The morning of the keynote, I trekked the mile to the concourse feeling very confident in my footwear choice.  But as I reached for the door of the conference center, the entire back half of my right shoe FELL OFF.

I didn’t know what to do.  I could dash back to the hotel to put on another pair of shoes but I might be late for the keynote.  I could just go to the keynote and hope no one notices, then return to the hotel and skip the first session.  While I weighed my options, the most unlikely thing happened…the entire back half of my left shoe FELL OFF.  I’m not kidding you. 

I can only assume that my beloved comfy black sandals had reached their breaking point.  Maybe it was due to the long winter of unuse.  Maybe it was God giving me a little dose of humility in the form of rotten foam soles.  Whatever the case, I got a good laugh at myself.

In the end, I hobbled back to the hotel on the toes of my shoes (as that was all that was left) and spent the rest of day 1 of Photoshop World in black slacks and Sperry Top Siders.  Classy.

But back to the conference – it was awesome!  As always, I greatly enjoyed sessions by Joe McNally, Scott Kelby, Matt Kloskowski, and RC Concepcion.  But I was really blown away by Zach Arias.  I’ve enjoyed his work for about a year now but now I have a professional crush* on him.  More about what I learned at Photoshop World in days to come!

*Professional Crush – admiration for someone to the point that I would quit my job to work for him or her for little money, possibly even as a coffee maker.